At the wedding, no one could have imagined that the bride was hiding under her dress if the dog hadn’t “noticed the head” in time


Strange behavior of dogs always has an explanation,

there is also a lot of evidence that they feel when something is wrong. This incident occurred last spring when a large group of people gathered at a wedding in Belbelo, Nigeria:

At a solemn event, a young woman approached the crowd. But a dog belonging to one of the guests quickly realized what was going on. The hero of the four-legged rushed into the woman.

The dog prevented the explosion of an improvised explosive device attached to a minor suicide bomber during a wedding, police spokesman Victor Isuku told the portal

Now the dog is called a hero, and the villagers will always remember with gratitude the friend of the four thanes who sacrificed his life to save people.

Now I want to help you tell this story to honor the memory of this hopeless dog who sacrificed her and prevented grief:

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