A Little Kitty Found In A Yard Showing Courage To Survive


In the courtyard of a good Samaritan who is from Las-Vegas noticed a little cat.

She saw her siblings, who unfortunately didn’t make it to her, just a few feet away.

The cat mom disappeared and the lone survivor required immediate medical attention. Nikki Martinez, TNR’s Las Vegas lifeguard and caretaker, proffered to pick her up promptly.

She and her husband have spent the already 10 years helping abandoned cats.

Nikki’s husband was diagnosed with cancer at the same time, but the family did not hesitate to help.

The name of kitty was Rocky. Together, the couple fed the poor kitten at any time of the day or night, so that he felt warm and loved. At the beginning, Nikki woke up every 2 hours to look after the cat.

Rocky developed an insatiable appetite and quickly put on weight. Rocky always gave a smile to Foster Papi. Even though he was still a little wobbly, the little tuft of fluff was fascinated by all the new toys and tried to grab all of them.

She loved being pampered like a tiny princess and insisted on grabbing a snack all day. When Foster Papi went through important surgery for his life, which is a huge success.

Fosterui was eager to visit his little pride and joy after his discharge from the hospital, and he insisted on continuing some of his foster responsibilities. Rocky was given a bottle. It was a great moment when two incredible warriors supported each other.

Rocky developed into an independent little kitten at the fifth week. Rockie enjoys to play with Foster Papi and will run after his feet all around the house. She will sit next to him , cheer him up to help him recover.

It took Rocky a little longer to learn to eat on her own because she enjoyed spending time with her parents. Nikki and her husband were so overjoyed when she finally started to eat alone.

Now they want to find a caring family for Rocky who will appreciate her and her innerdiva, when the time comes to spread wings and fly.

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