Rabbit adopted 3 stray puppies whose mother was shot: it protects, feeds and warms them.


A woman named Margaritta Startseva is russian․ Once she noticed a huge pit next to her house.

When she came close to see that, a little rabbit jumped out of the pit.

Margarita discovered that the rabbit had been living in the farm before, which was located 3 kilometers away from their village.

It seemed that the rabbit concaved a pit and located next to her house.

Woman decided to feed the rabbit, which took her treat gratefully.

One morning when she visited him there was a huge dog next to the pit and got worried because she was frightened for the life of the rabbit.

But she was amazed when she noticed them together peacefully in the pit.

After that, when she looked into the pit, noticed little puppies inside of it. Woman had got more concerned.

It turned out that their number has raised. Now she started to feed not only the rabbit, but also the little dogs.

One day when they were waiting for the momma dog he didn’t comeback at all.

Then it turned out that the momma dog had been killed. That was so horrible

Long-eared had to look after the puppis by himself .He looked after the puppies, licked them and chased away cats.

Caring about the puppies and protecting them with his life. The long-eared and kind-hearted little creature did not let them pass away in cold weather.

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