If you find the 3 hidden apples in the photo, you are very intelligent.


Today, we present a real challenge that will test not only your intelligence but also your concentration.

A visual puzzle that hides three apples waiting to be discovered.

The drawing is by the Hungarian artist Gergely Dudas, also known as Dudolf, famous worldwide for his ability to create visual tests and puzzles.

The key to solving this challenge certainly lies in being able to focus carefully on the image, isolating yourself as much as possible from the surrounding environment.

Undoubtedly, the proposed test reveals a high level of difficulty.

Therefore, you will have one minute to solve it. One minute to identify the hidden apples in the image.

The success of the puzzle depends solely on you and your ability to concentrate.

If you manage to overcome the challenge, you can clearly demonstrate that your concentration, responsiveness, and intelligence are truly above average.

And perhaps, why not, invite your friends to take this visual test too, to challenge each other.

At this point, we are ready to start our game.

Set the timer on your phone to one minute and try to free your mind from every thought or distraction.

The apples to find among the birds are three, well-hidden from your curious gaze.

Remember that you have just one minute. That said, you can start, and have fun!

Did you manage to find the hidden apples? In case of a negative answer, fear not: we are ready to help.

Here’s a hint: two out of three apples are not in the central part of the puzzle but on the outer parts of the image. Now, you can try again.

Still having trouble? Here’s another clue: the apples are the same color as the birds but have a different shape.

If you are still groping in total darkness, don’t worry: above, we revealed the solution.

It was certainly not an easy test, so if you managed to pass it, congratulations on your incredible concentration skills, truly extraordinary.

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