Test your attention and find the missing potato!


As you know, attention tests have an incredible demand. Of course, the variety of puzzles plays a significant role in it.

That’s why today, we suggest you rack your brains in the company of… cute beavers.

The thing is, you have to find a potato that is lost among these amusing animals.

You have 10 seconds to do it all. Can you?

In the image below is our puzzle, which has already sparked a lot of discussion.

As you can see, the artists have skillfully brought the idea to life in such a way that only 2% can tackle the task.

If you think having 10 seconds to find the potato lost among the beavers is a piece of cake, we warn you that it may not be that easy.

By the way, this optical puzzle will perfectly demonstrate your ability to focus and the speed at which your brain processes information.

It is known that these things are incredibly important in our daily lives.

For example, in traffic situations where, in case of unexpected events, you need to react as quickly as possible.

In general, solving puzzles has a positive effect on our brain activity.

It is not in vain that solving puzzle-type tasks is recommended from childhood.

After all, this is how we develop not only attention but also memory, diligence, persistence, and even logic.

Over the years, these types of tasks begin to serve a slightly different purpose.

Of course, it remains just as useful for the brain. Even more so, as with age, we start losing abilities.

Puzzles allow us to unravel our neural connections once again and ward off the unpleasant consequences of aging.

Next, a hint is waiting for you. However, don’t peek at it.

Remember that it’s more interesting to find the answer on your own without help.

Although if you prefer, you can solve the optical puzzle with family or friends.

That way, the chances of success will be higher, obviously.

As you can see, our lost object has been in the most prominent place all along.

However, it blends so well with the beavers’ background that it’s simply impossible to spot at first glance.

Admit it: did you manage to find the potato in 10 seconds? Share your results with us in the comments.

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