Only 2% can determine which container fills up first


I love that feeling when you solve a puzzle, rack your brains to complete a task, and then compare your answer to the correct one, and everything matches. It makes you feel like a genius.

And it doesn’t matter if the puzzle is even for third graders!

Our editorial team loves illustrated puzzles where logic, wit, and attention have to go hand in hand.

Here’s a task for you today.

This puzzle is a dinosaur in the world of puzzles.

It has been around for years, but both this one and its various variants have not lost their popularity.

I doubt, of course, that anyone fills glasses in that way: with a bunch of tubes.

But it’s just a task, so let’s leave it at that.

So there are seven glasses in front of you. The first glass starts filling with water.

Your task is to see which one fills up first. Be very careful! The task may have an unexpected trap.

I hope you have the same feeling when your answer is correct.

Check it yourself by scrolling down the article.

If you got it right, congratulations, if not, don’t worry.

On our website, you’ll find plenty of fun activities to test your skills.

Something is sure to cross your path. Look for more puzzles in the “Train your brain” section.

My favorites are these types of puzzles. For example, the one where you have to identify the owner of the dog.

I think many have answered that the seventh glass is the first to fill.

But that’s not the case. There’s a reason I told you about the trap that might be waiting for you in the puzzle.

If you’ve been as careful as possible, you’ll have noticed that the water from the third glass cannot flow anymore because the access to glasses #6 and #7 is blocked.

It turns out the third glass will be the first to fill. This is the correct answer.

Did you pay close attention? Did you notice the deflectors of the tubes blocking the water?

In any case, you haven’t wasted your time but have used it to good effect on your mind because these types of puzzles are good for your brain. Good luck with your other tasks!

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