A Soviet problem that not even a detective could solve immediately! Find the criminal!


Today’s challenge is about him. So take a look at the image below and tell us who the criminal is among the characters presented.

You can test your wits below.

The condition of the puzzle states that it was a hot summer day.

However, Inspector Warnicke, instead of enjoying his vacation, had to do his job.

So, along with his assistant, the detective pursued a criminal.

As a result of the chase, the men arrived at the bank of a small but deep and fast river.

Several young people appeared before them. When asked where the suspect might have gone, they pointed to another guy who was emerging from the opposite bank of the river.

To reach him, the well-intentioned young people were willing to share their boat.

Only Warnicke already knew that he had found his target.

Question: why didn’t the detective chase the guy on the opposite bank, and who is the criminal in this case?

At first glance, the actions of the inspector seem completely illogical.

However, attentive users on the web have already guessed the reason for his decision.

As you can see, it is necessary to read the condition of the puzzle more carefully.

After all, as mentioned earlier, the river was fast.

In this case, as you may have guessed, the swimmer, with all his will, could not get out of the river in front of where the detective was.

Of course, the blame would be on the river current, which would drag the suspect much further downstream.

Which means that the suspect is right there, in front of Warnicke and his assistant. But who is the culprit?

And that’s where the respondents disagree. It seems impossible to answer the question in the absence of other input data.

However, internet users do not tire of speculating about who it could be.

As a result, some serious battles surprisingly erupted.

Fortunately, the clue is much simpler. All the young people in the foreground are accomplices.

After all, you would hardly protect the first person you encounter who is being pursued by law enforcement, right?

Admit it, did you arrive at the same answer? Don’t forget to share your result in the comments.

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