90% of people fail! Find 10 flutes in 17 seconds!


Understanding tricky images called optical illusions requires significant mental effort on our part.

By examining these photographs, we can gain insight into how our brains interpret images.

Regularly engaging with these challenges helps fortify our brains, preventing age-related deterioration.

Additionally, gazing at these images may contribute to reducing anxiety or nervousness, promoting a sense of ease.

Discovering 10 flutes within 17 seconds is the task at hand.

In the photo, Krishna is enjoying a flute concert under a tree.

Your challenge is to locate the 10 concealed flutes in this image within the given time frame.

Careful examination of the image reveals the hidden flutes.

While some may be slightly challenging to locate, others may be more straightforward.

If you were unable to find every flute, continue scrolling to locate their positions.

Red circles have been added to facilitate your discovery.

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