Use your eagle eyes and find the santa in 17 seconds!


‘Tis the season for a Christmas-themed picture puzzle making waves on the internet during the festive period.

This particular challenge showcases an array of red and orange cars scattered amidst dark green pine trees and teal snowflakes.

Upon closer inspection, you may also discern several red boxes and orange dots.

However, we’re not delving into discussions about cars and trees—your mission is to locate the hidden Santa within one minute to conquer the challenge!

Perhaps you can even outpace our record by spotting the bearded old man in less than 17 seconds!

If you’ve given it your all but Santa remains elusive, here’s a helpful hint for your quest: Direct your attention to the area behind the trees.

Lo and behold, Santa has been concealed behind two pine trees at the bottom left section of the image all along!

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