Let’s find the owner of the boat!


Being a detective requires a keen eye and puzzle-solving skills.

It’s not just about solving crimes but also about keeping our cognitive abilities sharp.

Let’s dive into our first daily challenge. Take a close look at the image above and try to deduce who owns the boat.

Among the three people in the image, one is undoubtedly the owner of the white and blue yacht.

The identity and the reasoning behind it remain a mystery.

Search for subtle hints, and the solution will gradually unveil itself.

Need a significant hint? One of the guys in the image is the rightful owner of the yacht.

Both are vying to impress the lady, but one is being deceptive!

Still uncertain about the boat’s owner? Here’s a crucial clue: the guy on the left is the true owner of the boat!

Notice the jacket he left in the vessel.

It’s not something someone in a red T-shirt or a yellow dress would wear.

Quite the clever deduction, isn’t it?

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