Two mistakes are hiding in this picture! Find them!


Prepare to put your observation skills to the test, and we’re curious to witness the extent of your determination to crack this puzzle!

Let’s dive right in. Despite falling on the relatively easier side of the difficulty spectrum, this image managed to confound many avid puzzle solvers.

Keep in mind that some challenges might prove a bit tricky, so channel all your focus.

In this photograph, a couple appears to be leisurely enjoying the beach together, hand in hand, against a picturesque beachfront backdrop.

It’s a seemingly perfect scene for a relaxing day by the shore.

However, appearances can be deceiving, and this idyllic setting conceals not one but TWO significant anomalies.

Your task is to identify each of them, and don’t be fooled—it’s not as straightforward as it seems!

Make sure to zoom in for a closer look.

The initial discrepancy lies in the presence of TWO moons in the image, one portraying a full moon and the other a crescent moon.

Logically, this scenario is impossible! The second mistake involves the unexpected appearance of an extra hand holding a phone.

This is a glaring error that adds an intriguing twist to the image!

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