An atypical loving couple with a big age difference: what they look like together


Blaise Pascal, the emblematic author of the 17th century, once said: “Love has no age; it is always incipient” and “The heart has its reasons that reason does not know”.

Discover how love makes you forget wrinkles.

In public life, there are many couples with an age difference, whether in politics with the new French and American presidential couples (25 years) or in music with René Angeli and Céline Dion (26 years) or the Hallyday family (32 years) or in showbiz with Hugh Hefner founder of Playboy married to a playmate (60 years).

In this case, it’s Kyle Jones, 31, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the USA and his 91-year-old sweetheart, Marjorie Mccol.

The realization

Kyle realized at an early age that pin-ups were not for him. When he brought his first girlfriend home, he was 22 and she was 50.

Psychologists find a common thread in all couples that form with an age difference: “security and stability are sought by all younger people who meet an older person, regardless of the sex of the younger subject”.

Another key point is the young person’s level of maturity. Despite their age, they may have experienced life situations that make them more mature than those of their own age.

For Kyle, “Everyone’s wired in their own way”, he’s always dating women older than him. These are called Cub men who are in relationships with cougar women.

The meeting

In 2009, Kyle (an adult film actor) met Marjorie in the bookshop where she worked. She had been single for 37 years since her divorce from the father of her six children.

Kyle flashed on her and asked her out on a date, which she accepted after exchanging numbers. Love blossomed thereafter. Kyle explains this love by the fact that he offers “older women a different experience from what they’re used to.

I offer them adventure. It’s a “free” love affair.

Kyle isn’t monogamous; he’s also in a relationship with a 68-year-old woman, Anna Roland, whom he met on an online dating site.

Anna had questioned his motives when he first contacted her because she was twice his age. But she says she felt comfortable with him, so she started seeing him. She adds that Kyle is very attentive and simply makes her feel good.

Everyday life

Marge says, “The physical side of our relationship is wonderful! I surprise myself, he amazes me! There’s nothing better. Marge explains that she wears sexy outfits in bed to please her handsome lover. “I feel beautiful (…), he makes me feel alive”.

“It’s super flattering to have a younger man courting you… sometimes he’s like another son… until we get into bed, and then I feel different”.

Kyle makes no secret of the fact: “I love old women! Often, things that women perceive as complexes are things that attract me. I like wrinkles and lines on the neck.

Women also worry about sagging breasts, but I think natural is better. I’m not a fan of plastic surgery”. “Some people think I’m after their money or thinking about inheriting, but that’s beside the point!” adds Kyle.

Marjorie knows about Kyle’s polygamy: “At first, I was jealous of Kyle. At first I was jealous of his other conquests, but he keeps coming back to me and tells me I’m the best,” she proudly declares.

Kyle’s 50-year-old mother is aware of her son’s situation and says, “As long as he doesn’t hurt anyone, it’s nobody’s business but his own.”

According to INSEE, 1/3 of couples have both partners of the same age. This means that 2/3 of couples are formed by an age difference, and in 82% of cases, the difference is between 2 and 5 years.

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