Logical Challenge: Which Container Fills Up Completely First?


Challenging ourselves is a crucial part of life. People seek to overcome new daily challenges, and many find games particularly appealing as they see them as a test against themselves and time, a way to challenge their abilities.

Solving puzzles boosts self-esteem and imparts a sense of intelligence. When it comes to math problems, people use cleverness to find solutions, and with visual tests, the key is to focus on the image without getting distracted.

This scenario involves a logic test where the solution lies in paying attention to each element. Will you be able to provide the correct answer?

The image depicts a faucet filling multiple containers connected by pipes, each labeled with a number. The goal is to determine which container will fill up first.

Some try to solve the puzzle mentally, examining the image and tracing the pipes to analyze which container the water will reach first, especially which one will fill up completely.


The answer isn’t immediately obvious as it seems there’s a significant reasoning behind it, but it simply requires careful analysis and observation of the image. In these cases, take your time and avoid rushing, as haste leads to confusion rather than a solution.

Could you find the correct answer? If not, don’t worry, we’ll reveal the solution. Just analyze it. There’s no time limit, take it slow; rushing only leads to mistakes.

Look closely at the image; that’s the trick to determine which container will fill up first. If you focus on container number one, you’ll notice the water only goes into container number 3 and then container number 6.

This is because the pipes connected to tanks 2 and 7 are closed. So, the answer is clear: the first container to fill up is number 6.

Were you able to answer the question correctly?

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