Attention Test: How Many Squares Are There? There Are Far More Than You Imagine


People enjoy testing their intelligence, and one of the quickest ways to do so is by attempting puzzles. It’s a moment of introspection, a time when you isolate yourself from the world and dedicate yourself solely to reasoning.

Moreover, solving puzzles is a great way to train your mind.

Many individuals are passionate about puzzles and strive to solve them, contemplating how to achieve the result in the shortest possible time.

They see it as a challenge against themselves and against time. They analyze the entire puzzle and examine every detail that could help them find the correct answer.

In this case, the goal is to find the exact number of squares. But it’s limited by time—can you do it in 11 seconds? Don’t waste a second and put yourself to the test.

Logic puzzles generate the most excitement, as they require deep thinking, strategic moves, and thinking outside the box.

The solution isn’t difficult; you just need to sharpen your vision and count the number of squares. It might seem tough, but it’s not. Just think that some squares might be hidden.

Some people use paper and a pencil, redraw the figure, and try to solve the question, while others rely on their memory. Don’t rush; take your time. If you can do it in 11 seconds, you can be more than satisfied.

If you can’t solve it, here’s an image that might help you. Look at this image and provide the solution.

There are 10 squares in the image. Just count the colors in the figure above, including the large square that encompasses them all.

Some squares result from the intersection of other squares—don’t be mistaken. Did you succeed?

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