Optical Illusion: Can You Find the Hidden Letter ‘B’ in Less Than 10 Seconds? 98% of Players Failed!


Testing your visual skills with optical illusions has become very common. The goal of this particular one is to find the letter “b.”

Various tests circulate on the Internet, each with specific purposes. For example, personality tests reveal hidden traits and help you know yourself better.

There are also mathematical puzzles that test your intelligence and logical thinking. Optical illusions measure your visual abilities. This time, it’s an optical illusion aimed at finding the letter “b.”

In this optical illusion, the objective is to find the letter “b.” It may sound simple, but few people have managed to spot it within the given time frame. To add more difficulty to the test, you only have 9 seconds.

Take a close look at the image and don’t let yourself be distracted during these few seconds. The “b” is hidden among several “d”s.

These two letters have a strong resemblance, making the challenge even more complicated. In addition to testing your visual skills, your concentration and responsiveness are also evaluated.

It’s time to prove that you can exceed your limits. It’s your turn to play!

Did you manage to spot the letter?

Before revealing the answer to this challenge, here are a few questions. First, how did you find this challenge? Was it relatively easy or difficult to solve?

Second, did you succeed within the given time? If so, you are among the few who succeeded.

Indeed, 92% of the people who played this game failed. As a reminder, the goal of this optical illusion was to find the hidden letter “b” among the “d”s. We will now reveal its location.

Focus on the second row from the bottom to the top. Then, in the fifth column from right to left, the letter “b” is there.

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