Teen cannot afford an ideal prom dress, so her prom companion learns to sew one for her!


Addi Rust found herself enamored with the perfect prom dress, but its price tag exceeded her budget.

With the highly anticipated event just a few months away, the Indiana teenager was left uncertain about what she would wear on that special night.

Sharing her clothing predicament with her dance partner, Parker Smith, Addi chuckled, unaware of the surprise that awaited her.

Little did she know that Parker, a fellow high school student, had taken it upon himself to create a garment for her, despite having no prior experience in embroidery.

Determined to make Addi’s dream dress a reality, Parker embarked on a months-long journey of learning how to sew, seeking guidance from his grandmother along the way.

Diligently working on the gown, he painstakingly constructed and revised it until every detail was perfect.

As the evening before the dance arrived, Parker was still putting the final touches on the dress.

Throughout the process, Addi had a rough idea of what the gown would look like, but she couldn’t have prepared herself for the overwhelming emotions that would wash over her when Parker finally revealed the finished product in all its Disney princess-inspired grandeur.

The sight of the completed dress left Addi utterly speechless, and she was not alone in her awe.

The heartfelt effort and dedication Parker had poured into creating this masterpiece had touched the hearts of everyone who witnessed it.

The dress symbolized not only a beautiful work of art but also a testament to the depth of Parker’s care and affection for Addi.

In that moment, as Addi stood before the mirror in her stunning dress, surrounded by her loved ones, the room was filled with a collective sense of admiration, love, and appreciation for the remarkable bond between Addi and Parker.

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