When a mom discovers that her kids have been nasty to the bus driver, she devises an “amazing” punishment to teach them a lesson


Deciding on appropriate disciplinary measures for children can be challenging.

It’s important to find punishments that are fair, teach the right lessons, and avoid cruelty.

Moreover, navigating different perspectives and opinions can add to the complexity.

In Ontario, Canada, a mother came up with a unique method to discipline her two misbehaving sons on the school bus.

However, reactions on social media were divided.

Back in 2018, a small-town school in western Ontario sent a note to a mother expressing concerns about her boys’ behavior, which was more disruptive on the bus than in the classroom.

The school reported instances of misbehavior and rudeness towards the bus driver.

Perplexed by her sons’ actions, the mother wanted to impart a valuable lesson and put an end to their disrespectful behavior.

She aimed to ensure that they understood the consequences of their actions.

The school was located approximately four and a half miles (around seven kilometers) away from the family’s home.

The mother knew that if her sons persisted in their behavior, they would be permanently banned from riding the school bus.

Before reaching that point, she decided to illustrate what life would be like if they had to walk to school every day.

The following day, she informed her young sons that they would be walking the entire distance of 7.2 kilometers to school.

Rising early in the morning, she accompanied them on the walk, all bundled up. Before embarking on their hike, she took a photo of the boys holding a sign that read, “We were mean and rude to our bus driver.”

She walked alongside them as they carried the sign. She explained her reasoning behind this punishment in a Facebook post accompanied by the photo.

The post garnered significant attention and quickly became popular.

Many parents and others praised the mother, believing that the boys would gain insight and wisdom through this disciplinary action.

According to the mother, her younger son had to repeat the walk the next day to truly understand the lesson, while her eldest son only needed to do it once.

However, some individuals criticized the mother, not so much for the punishment itself but for her decision to share it online.

They argued that public shaming was not beneficial or useful for the boys.

Tina Gatt, the Community Outreach Manager for the Children’s Aid Society of Windsor-Essex, stated:

“I don’t want to judge or claim to know all the details of this parent’s situation, but it’s something to think about when considering putting signs on kids that state their bad behavior and capturing their picture to share on social media.”

Gatt emphasized that any form of humiliation of children should be a concern for all adults, not just the Children’s Aid Society.

In summary, the mother in Ontario, Canada devised a distinctive punishment for her sons’ misbehavior on the school bus.

While it received both praise and criticism on social media, the conversation focused primarily on the decision to share the disciplinary action online and its potential impact on the children’s well-being.

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