Dad begins playing guitar for his toddler twins, and their dance reaction is absolutely priceless!


Back in 2012, these adorable toddler twins found pure joy in dancing whenever their father strummed his original guitar piece called “My Paradise.”

The captivating sight of these little ones, still seated in their high chairs, swaying and twirling to their dad’s melodic tunes quickly became an internet sensation.

The heartwarming moment was beautifully captured on camera and shared on YouTube by a user named Bravadere.

The video showcases the delightful 19-month-old identical twins gracefully moving to the rhythm of their father’s guitar.

Bravadere affectionately describes the video, saying, “This is a recording of our 19-month-old identical twin girls, still dancing to their dad’s guitar.

It’s truly incredible to witness how they effortlessly create their own unique dance moves!

The song being played is an original composition dedicated exclusively to them :)”

According to the twins’ dad’s YouTube channel, he is an independent artist who derives immense pleasure from writing, producing, and mixing music.

Dressed in matching attire, sporting identical hairstyles, and sharing an inherent passion for music, these twins effortlessly transform their living room, adorned with a cozy fireplace, into their very own enchanting dance floor.

Although the video was posted almost seven years ago, indicating that the twins are now elementary school students, one can’t help but imagine them still grooving and leaping with joy each time their father retrieves his guitar for a spontaneous jam session.

These charming girls achieved widespread internet fame in 2012 for showcasing their exceptional dance skills in perfect sync with the music.

What makes this video even more extraordinary is its ability to capture the profound and unique bond shared between twins.

Just observe the way they lock eyes when the music begins, communicating silently, “Do you feel what I feel?”

A study conducted by McMaster University sheds light on the positive impact of exposing babies to music.

It reveals that musical exposure increases the likelihood of babies smiling, and when these musically inclined infants cry, they are easier to soothe compared to those who have limited exposure to music.

Moreover, introducing infants to music is associated with fostering their innate curiosity and encouraging exploration of the world around them.

Considering these manifold benefits, wise parents are encouraged to introduce their young children to the sheer joys of music.

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