The strongest young man on earth. His age right now is 24


Fifteen years ago, Richard Sandrak immigrated to the United States from Ukraine and quickly gained fame as the world’s strongest child.

From a young age, Richard immersed himself in intensive training.

Remarkably, at just eight years old, he could bench-press over 30 pounds, and by the age of 11, he was lifting an impressive 53 pounds!

Now 24 years old, it is challenging to label him solely as a jock.

While he gained recognition as “Little Hercules,” receiving invitations to competitions, TV events, advertisements, publications, and even movies, Richard’s family moved to California with the intention of allowing their son to reach his full potential.

Richard’s father, a former martial arts world champion, closely supervised his training, diet, and daily routine.

However, the intense scrutiny he placed on his son led to accusations of abuse and excessive stress, culminating in a domestic violence incident involving Richard’s mother when he was just 11 years old.

The father was subsequently arrested and charged.

Following this traumatic event, Richard distanced himself from his father, eventually cutting off contact and gradually reducing his training regimen.

Reflecting on his childhood achievements, he takes pride in them and does not shy away from sharing this chapter of his life with others.

However, he no longer desires to live in the shadow of his past and rejects being portrayed as a mere curiosity.

While Richard continues to engage in physical exercise, it is no longer an all-consuming obsession.

He now enjoys morning runs and takes pleasure in skating.

Currently, he works as a stuntman for the Los Angeles show “Waterworld,” where he bravely endures being set on fire multiple times a day before plunging into the water from great heights.

When asked about his aspirations for the future, Richard surprises with his response: he dreams of becoming a scientist specializing in quantum physics or an engineer at NASA.

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