Delightful footage of a chatty Cockatoo playfully yelling at passersby from the car!”


A family embarked on a trip to Walmart. While the husband and his wife’s brother ventured into the store, the wife opted to stay in the car, accompanied by their lively cockatoo, Gotcha.

Gotcha, as the name suggests, has a mischievous side to him.

One of his favorite pastimes is yelling at people, but he does it in the most adorable manner.

His enthusiastic outbursts never fail to elicit laughter and amusing reactions.

Although Gotcha is naturally sociable and talkative, he initially remained calm in the car.

The bird’s owner often takes him for walks, exposing him to a variety of people and experiences.

However, after some time, the sweet cockatoo couldn’t resist letting out a series of loud screams.

The woman watched in amusement as he hilariously belted out his calls.

Despite her attempts to calm him down, the parrot continued his vocal performance, unyielding to her efforts.

Without further ado, here is the video that captures this entertaining episode.

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