Born with an unbelievable weight of 7.7kg. Discover the incredible journey of this girl and witness the amazing person she has become!


In a remarkable event 11 years ago, a maternity hospital witnessed the birth of an extraordinary baby girl.

She entered the world weighing a staggering 7.7 kilograms. Can you imagine?

Concerned doctors warned the parents about potential health issues that could arise due to the baby’s size.

However, the girl’s mother held steadfast faith in a positive outcome.

Her hope proved justified as she successfully carried her daughter to full term despite the challenges posed by the weight.

With time, the baby’s health stabilized, and her mother named her Nadia, which means “hope.”

It was a fitting name, as everyone could only hope for the best for this remarkable girl, anticipating a life free from health problems.

Nadia joined a large family comprising of 11 brothers and sisters.

Her father served in the military, while her mother worked as a midwife.

Perhaps it was her mother’s profession that contributed to the successful delivery, overcoming the initial difficulties and fears of potential complications.

Today, Nadia is a vibrant 13-year-old living the typical life of a teenager.

If one were unaware of her extraordinary birth story, they would never guess the weight she carried into the world.

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