Look at the present appearance of a little girl who was born with a characteristic “clown nose” nine years ago!


When Lloyd Connie was born, her parents made a firm decision to embrace their child, regardless of her “unusual” appearance.

At the age of three, Connie had a prominent red mole on her nose, often referred to as a “clown nose.”

Initially, doctors diagnosed the mole as hemangioma and assured her parents that it would eventually fade away on its own.

However, as the years went by, there was no noticeable change.

Determined to address the issue, Connie’s parents embarked on a search for an alternative solution.

Finally, after three years of searching, they found a suitable professional who could remove the birthmark from Connie’s nose.

The operation was a success, putting an end to Connie’s distress caused by the “clown nose.”

As a result of the treatment, Connie’s appearance aligned with that of her peers, providing her with a newfound sense of confidence.

The efforts made by Connie’s parents and the dedication of the doctors involved were not in vain.

The results of the operation were satisfying, allowing Connie to no longer be typecast due to her previous appearance.

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