In just 7 seconds, try to find the true creator of the painting in the image!


In the exhibited image, you can observe a painting showcased within the exhibition hall.

Three individuals—Ellie, Jack, and Olivia—stand in front of the painting.

However, amidst this trio, only one holds the distinction of being the genuine artist behind the artwork.

The puzzle challenges viewers to discern and answer the question, “Who is the real artist?”

This enigma urges you to identify the lady who possesses the true artistic talent expressed in the painting.

By carefully scrutinizing the artwork captured in the picture, you will be able to unveil the genuine artist.

While all three individuals are positioned before the painting, any one of them could potentially be the artist.

Nonetheless, upon closer inspection of the painting, you will discover the artist’s name, Olivia, elegantly inscribed below it within the frame.

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Challenge your loved ones to see if they can solve it too!

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