Crack the mind-boggling optical puzzle that left Elon Musk perplexed!


This mind-boggling optical illusion presents a seemingly impossible sight of rotating cubes.

To unravel this perplexing illusion would require quite a cubic “feat.” Enthusiasts of puzzles and mysteries are currently scratching their heads over this optical phenomenon that defies the laws of physics, where motionless cubes appear to be in a spinning motion.

The illusion gained widespread attention on Twitter in 2020, capturing the interest of Tesla CEO Elon Musk and has now resurfaced amidst the internet’s obsession with optical illusions.

The visual puzzle showcases two stationary cubes that, upon interaction, prompt the screen to momentarily black out, creating the illusion of disco-like rotations.

However, here’s the twist: the cubes remain static throughout the entire experience.

This mesmerizing image has garnered significant traction during the ongoing optical illusion craze on the internet.

The origin of this illusion can be attributed to a perception principle known as the “phi phenomenon.”

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, this phenomenon generates an “illusion of movement” when two adjacent objects are rapidly illuminated.

Although the precise mechanism behind this optical trickery remains unclear, as stated in the New World Encyclopedia, most scientists speculate that it stems from a physiological phenomenon linked to the communication between the brain and optic nerves.

Despite the scientific mystery surrounding it, this illusion has caused a stir on social media, captivating not only the general public but also influential figures like Elon Musk.

In response to a tweet explaining the illusion in 2020, Musk expressed his astonishment with a simple yet impactful “Wow.”

Numerous variations of the moving cube trick have emerged, including a recent one shared in May by a Japanese illusion enthusiast known as Jagarikin on social media.

In this rendition, the illusion of movement is achieved by placing the cubes within a spinning black-and-white circle resembling a pinwheel.

When it comes to illusions of motion, few images compare to the mesmerizing purple-and-yellow pattern that circulated last month.

Despite appearing three-dimensional and in motion, this image remains stationary and flat, further blurring the lines between reality and illusion.

For those seeking an extra dose of sensory bewilderment, feast your eyes on this trippy image that purportedly deceives viewers into perceiving themselves as colorblind.

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