The baby got on stage to give his father a hug. He did something that caused the audience to cheer in the 27th second!


Sometimes kids outperform their parents, but I don’t believe parents have anything against that.

Everybody has an unspoken desire for their kid to be better than they are.

The well-known country music musician Coffey is undoubtedly raising the best son.

Ethan, a 17-month-old, rushed out onto the stage and made the audience scream with only one appearance.

17-month-old was unable to merely watch his father perform.

With his mom’s OK, Ethan went on stage with his dad to perform a cover of Brown-Eyed Girl because he felt the urge to be a part of the performance.

As much as we did, Coffey Anderson pushed his kid to continue dancing on stage after seeing his performance.

There is music in the little guy’s soul, and he can’t control it!

He rushed onto the platform to give his father a bear embrace, but as soon as he heard the music, he began to dance.

Coffey, I must say, was really well-behaved; he didn’t stop the music from playing and kept singing as if nothing had occurred.

One of the most endearing scenes in this clip is when Ethan goes back to the stage after giving his mother his pacifier.

We’ve never seen anything like his dance moves before. The crowd then opened out about their feelings.

Ethan then began to dance, and… It has to be seen!

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