Test your detective skills with this viral brain teaser challenge! You have only 11 seconds to identify the culprit who stole from the palace!


Use this popular brainteaser exercise to test your ability to observe and deduce.

In just 11 sec, identify the burglar who took from the castle.

It’s time to put your powers of critical research and observation to the test.

In the modern world, there are more inventions than ever before, yet people’s attention spans and logic are getting shorter.

Nowadays, nobody wants to exercise their brains—they just want to search the internet for answers.

Additionally aggravating factors are increasing screen time and social media stimulation.

You might be wondering, though, what the answer is.

Well, much like a machine needs oiling and food to function, the mind too needs workout.

In light of that, we provide the ensuing viral brainteaser challenge.

The fact that humans are the dominant species on Earth is due to our brain, which is the most distinctive organ in the kingdom.

You must continuously use your thoughts. Although difficult, it is vital.

It’s a terrific method to keep your mind active and have joy at the same time to solve word puzzles, brain teasers, and other problems.

It is sent into your system as a result of finishing a brainteaser, which gives you a competitive sensation and a sense of accomplishment.

You feel well thanks to the hormone. You may improve your focus, IQ, and observational abilities by tackling brain teasers on a regular basis.

We have a popular brainteaser task for you today. But beware—to solve it, you’ll need to use every aspect of your brain.

This pic is a brainteaser, and it features two persons.

They both work for a large palace. The gardener is on the left, while the cook is on the right.

These are the main suspects in a large-scale heist that took place in the palace since they were both working close to the crime scene.

The gardener claims that he spent the entire day caring to the grounds and even phoned the fire department when he smelt a fire and seen smoke coming from the castle.

The cook, on the other hand, stated that despite spending the whole day in the kitchen, she saw nothing suspicious.

There is a liar among them. You have to do the research.

Find out which one is the thief by putting your powers of observation and deduction to the test.

Examine the image closely. You can see every hint there in front of you.

So, are you prepared to track down the thief? Breathe deeply, let your thoughts drift, and start exploring!

There are just 11 sec left until the thief flees. So, act now!

In 11 sec, did you catch the palace thief? We certainly hope so. Compare your response to ours.

The cook is the palace thief. Recall how she claimed to spend the entire day in the kitchen?

That’s not going to happen since she burnt the cake behind her.

The gardener also smelled sth burning nearby, therefore she must have fled to plunder the palace.

The only answer that makes sense is that she is the thief because we are aware that palaces don’t employ bad cooks who burn cakes.

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