Take on the seek and find puzzle challenge and see if you can spot the hidden lamp in just 6 seconds!


The “seek and find challenge” is a well-liked exercise to gauge your degree of focus.

Do you pay enough attention? then in 6 sec locate the concealed lamp.

Finding a concealed object in a photograph is the basis for the “seek and find” problem.

These puzzles need a high level of focus and concentration, which is great brain training.

This pastime is a fantastic way to relieve tension and is also very helpful in sharpening observational abilities.

Such seek-and-find exercises can support cognitive growth in children and slow cognitive aging in adults.

Do you want to gauge your level of focus?

The watchman is seen strolling down the street in the street scene shown in the photograph that was posted above.

The concealed lamp is in the street, as the title indicates, and your mission is to find it in 6 seconds while the watchman is on the lookout for anything.

The concealed lamp can be found within the allotted time by anyone with keen observational abilities.

Try to locate the concealed lamp by paying close attention to the pic and thoroughly inspecting every region.

Finding the lamp in 6 sec is a fantastic exercise to gauge your degree of focus.

The benefit of doing these  is that they give the eyes and brain a good workout, which improves cognitive growth and critical thinking.

Have you found the lamp that was hidden? No?

Keep seeking; you never know what you could find.

See if you can gain a fresh viewpoint by trying to see the picture from various angles.

The clock is ticking quickly, so hurry.

And time is up. How many of you were successful in finding the lamp’s concealed location?

We think most of you have probably noticed it by now.

Congratulations! You pay close attention and have an excellent sense of detail.

Some of you may still be seeking for the lamp that was concealed.

You can stop looking and look at the answer below.

By flipping the photograph over, you can see the concealed lamp.

It cannot be seen at first look how it is concealed.

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