Mind-boggling mangoes: find the hidden parrot in this optical illusion!


A large mound of red and green mangoes is seen in the picture.

Do you recognize the parrot?

On the internet, a picture showing a test has gone viral.

Users of social media are baffled and unable to locate the parrot that has been buried in the mountains of mangoes.

A large mound of red and green mangoes is seen in the picture.

If you look closely at the image, you can see a parrot hiding because it is the same color.

Have you located the bird? The parrot is ringed in the top left corner of the picture, as you can see.

There are many tests on the internet because they are entertaining to solve.

These deceptions are useful for evaluating your vision, level of focus, and attention to little details.

With so many images shared and critiqued online, these tests have become ingrained in contemporary internet culture.

There is even a website dedicated to these illusions where an annual competition is held.

The “Best Illusion Of The Year Contest” website states that the competition is an occasion to celebrate perception and illusions “developed by the creativity of the world’s top illusion creators.”

According to the website, this community is made up of “visual scientists, ophthalmologists, neurologists, and artists.”

The Neural Correlate Society (NCS), a nonprofit organization that seeks to further scientific investigation “into the neural basis of vision and cognition,” is the sponsor of the competition.

The group, according to its website, supports “a group of  scientists, ophthalmologists, neurologists, and artists who utilise an array of techniques to aid find the foundations of false perception.”

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