If you are part of the 1% with high intelligence, prove it by solving this mind-bending optical illusion. See if you can find the dice cleverly hidden among the mice and cheese in just 11 seconds!


You should have witnessed a vast majority of illusions, like cognitive, physiological, and physical illusions.

A shape-shifting, fancy-bending image of a human, thing, or painting that challenges the brain’s perception of reality is known as an optical illusion.

Studies belong under the psychoanalytic category, which provides insight into your worldview.

A human with a normal brain may view things or images from several angles, producing a different perspective from each.

A very ingenious example may be seen in the image, where the dice are concealed halfway.

Children and adults can solve the problem in the aforementioned pic.

It asks the audience to “Get it between the mice and the cheese” and then challenges them to do it.

This photo depicts a scene with cheese and mice.

Can you nevertheless make out the dice in the image? According to a report, just 1% of individuals can spot the dice in this picture.

This pict is just one more entertaining IQ exercise.

Nevertheless, the best to find out your IQ level is to take an IQ test.

In under 11 sec, did you manage to get it?

We are here to assist you if you are having trouble seeing the dice.

You can see the mice having a party on the pink floor. On the right partof the pic.

In the image below, the dice have been highlighted for your convenience.

Since the dice have been camouflaged to look like cheese at first, it can be challenging to find them.

But after a short while, you’ll notice from the shape that it’s not cheese at all, but rather a dice.

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