Spot the 5 hidden words in the living room picture within 70 seconds – a challenge that will put your brain to the test!


According to the picture below, finding the five concealed words requires excellent vision and observational skills.

It really is that easy; all you have to do is focus on each tiny detail while using all of your body force.

Remember that your task is to locate the 5 hidden words in the images of the living room.

But I forgot to remind you that you only have 100 seconds. Oh no, let’s reduce that to 70 seconds.Tick…Tock…Tick…

However, if you’re still having trouble finding the solution, take a look at the image below to discover all 5 of the words that are concealed in the image.

The hidden words are pet, carpet, leaves, lamp and couch.

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Challenge them and see if they can solve it!

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