If you are a Marvel-ous detective, find Captain Marvel in this superhero puzzle and join the 2 out of 10 winners!


Find Captain Marvel’s pic in the picture puzzle; that is your objective. Easy, huh?

You only have 10 seconds, which is too long, so let’s reduce it to 7.

I forgot to tell you that, though.Tick…Tock…Tick…

Her pic is concealed within the image that appears to be Captain America’s card.

Simply cut the image into sections to ensure that you don’t miss any hints or clues when trying to find the error.

Find the cheater in this backyard tease by using all of your mental faculties, logical reasoning, obsessional power, and cunning.

The correct solution to this brainteaser is shown in the image below, so if you’re still having trouble, have a look at it.

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See if they can solve it too! Have fun!

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