Attention to detail required: see if you can spot the mistake in this candlelit dinner picture!


You must find the error buried inside the picture of a couple enjoying a candlelit dinner in the above photograph.

You can see in the image that a guy and a woman are eating supper at a table with candles lighted in the middle of it.

You must find the error in the pic, where a couple is enjoying their time and a delicious meal, in order to complete this brainteaser.

Since the error is more subtle than you might initially think, you likely won’t spot it right away.

But after a short while, you might be able to spot the error in the picture.

Look at the cutlery the guy is using on the table. Did you solve it?

The guy in the picture is thus using a fork in both of his hands, which is incorrect.

Since the knife is missing, the man is using a fork to cut the meat.

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