Only the most eagle-eyed people with an IQ 140 will be able to find all the 5 differences!


All players who enjoy testing their ability to observe and contrast items can play the free brain training puzzle game get the difference.

You may sharpen your mind and increase your focus by identifying the many details in each image.

You have your choice of thousands of different images to challenge!

While having fun spotting the changes in the images, you may appreciate some great photographs!

View the solution by scrolling down.

According to research, the Internet has improved our attention-selection skills.

We are inundated with so many fascinating things that we have a tendency to focus solely on what is truly essential to us.

We’ve trained our attention so much that you’d think our brains would have exceptional eyesight and attention to detail, so let’s test yours.

These find-the-difference puzzles are the kind of problems we appreciate.

Come show us how alert your mind is by joining us!

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