Put Your IQ to the test: see if you can spot all 5 differences in this challenge!


The intelligence quotient, or IQ, is a means of a human’s ability for rational thought.

In other words, it’s meant to determine how effectively a person can make predictions or respond to inquiries using facts and logic.

IQ exams challenge short- and long-term memory to start evaluating this.

They evaluate how fast and accurately they can recall knowledge from lectures and solve puzzles.

Find each of the five differences. To view the solution, scroll down.

Any student, regardless of their intelligence ability, may learn.

Nonetheless, some children have hard times in the classroom due to a deficiency in a particular area of intellect.

A lot of times, these students gain from special education programs.

There, individuals receive additional assistance in the areas where they need it most.

Teachers can identify which pupils will benefit from this extra support by using IQ testing.

Chess is a game of method and skill. In addition, it aids to care about something and have the perseverance to gradually enhance abilities.

To find those who might excel in “gifted education” schemes, IQ tests can be employed as well.

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