The child with the birthmark underwent her last operation. See what her mum says!


The mother of an American girl with a birthmark on her face said that her child had had surgery very recently.

Recall that Luna, a young American girl, has a prominent blemish on her face called a melanocytic nevus.

Although it doesn’t hurt, there are several conditions under which it can turn cancerous.

Almost the entire girl’s face was covered in the stain.

Following an inspection, doctors from Boston came to the conclusion that his treatment would take at least four years of treatment and more than 100 laser therapy sessions.

Pavel Popov, a surgeon from Krasnodar, made the decision to assist in the girl’s birthmark removal.

In September 2019, Carol Fenner and her daughter Luna took a plane to Krasnodar for the first time.

In September 2020 they went to the Kuban capital.

After that, Luna had the birthmark on her left cheek removed.

Carol Fenner made the announcement that she and her daughter were returning to the United States on June 7, 2021, as a result of visa issues.

The girl and her mother were rumoured to be returning to Kuban on October 1.

And on October 9, Carol Fenner announced on Instagram that Luna had undergone her final procedure.

The girl, according to the mom, is in good health, lively, uncomplaining of pain, and has a healthy appetite.

Luna now has a bandage covering her face, which makes it difficult for her to see.

Mom said that this was the final surgery.

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