Albino twins of 11 years old shock the entire world. Here is what they are doing now!


In the world of fashion today, uncommon look and “zest” are the only criteria for attractiveness.

A perfect example would be the Bavar sisters.

They’ve already achieved considerable popularity at the age of 11.

The daughters’ parents, who are black, are Brazilian citizens.

Moreover, the daughters were created entirely differently from their parents.

Blue eyes, white hair, and pale skin colour characterise them.

Albinos describe them. They were given the opportunity to participate in the picture project as a result of this feature.

According to the photographer, the goal of his project is to show how beauty can be used to empower people in all of its forms.

Sheila, an elder daughter who has dark complexion, is also a member of the family.

Sheila took part in a picture project with her sisters.

Girls have gained a lot of popularity.

They have already worked with companies including Bazaar Kids, Insanis, and Nike.

Lara and Mara take great pride in how they look and have never been lazy about it.

They are self-assured. The sisters each have their own Instagram account, which has more than 6,000 subscribers and is continuously expanding.

The girls think that in addition to making sure that those who are affected by albinism are integrated into society, individuals need to spread as much knowledge as they can regarding the condition.

They want to use social networks to accomplish just this.

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