Firefighter arrives to assist a laboring woman but is unaware that he has just delivered his future daughter


Will and Parker Hadden, two kids, were a blessing for Marc and Beth.

Doctors informed the South Carolina couple that they were unable to conceive another child, despite their great desire to grow their family.

The couple knew that the wisest course of action was adoption, but they “put it in God’s hands” for the time being.

Years passed without a child being adopted.

“If it’s meant to be, it will be,” we declared. Beth remembered.

He serves the city of Myrtle Beach as a firefighter and part-time police officer in addition to being a husband and parent.

He and his crew responded to what they believed to be a fairly standard emergency call one evening: a woman was in labor, but there wasn’t enough time to transport her to the hospital.

He ultimately performed the woman’s delivery.

He, whose joy and excitement were overflowing, contacted Beth to share the wonderful news.

He was really happy to have the kid. He later discovered that the infant girl, Grace, had been placed for adoption right away.

Joe and Beth knew this was the craziest and most heartfelt turn of events they could have ever imagined.

After two days, the unimaginable occurred. Meet the wonderful Hadden fam by watching the video.

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