A 90-year-old fostered man finds 45 of his long-lost biological relatives


An account of James Scott, a 90-year-old man, finding his long-lost family was published by Inside Edition.

Jim was born and raised in Pittsburgh during the Great Depression.

He was an only kid, and that was all he knew about himself back then.

Jim initially saw that his parents were listed as “unknown” on his birth certificate when he finally located it.

Jim has been curious about his biological parents ever since and finally had the chance.

That that is what he wanted for Christmas. Maryland, Jim’s daughter, went on Ancestry.com to fulfill her father’s dream and discovered more data than she ever expected.

They learned the startling fact that Jim was placed in a box at the door of a complete stranger’s home barely 12 days after his birth.

Jim was given that moniker by the two officers who discovered him. Maryland had images of Jim from a newspaper article as well as an image of the location where he had been abandoned, which she used to illustrate the scenario.

Maryland also found pictures of Jim’s biological parents.

The similarity between Jim’s photo and a photo of his father was startling when they placed them side by side.

They were able to locate 45 blood relations during their quest.

George, Jim’s biological nephew, was quoted by Inside Edition as saying, “For all of us, it was trying to fit this puzzle together.”

Also, they learned that Jim had a long-lost brother by the name of Felix.

Felix drove from Pittsburgh to Jim’s house outside of Philadelphia only a few days before Christmas in order to have a much-needed reunion.

Felix acknowledged that he was his younger brother. And we only recently learned about my 86th birthday.

Jim thus owes me 86 Christmas presents.

The fact that Jim was finally able to find and get in touch with the family he had been searching for his whole life makes me happy.

Ancestry.com is such a fantastic resource in circumstances like this.

Have you ever pondered if you have any long-lost relatives?

To watch Jim’s incredible tale, click the video!

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