Having had a piece of her skull removed, the woman managed to come out of a coma and speak against all odds


Tabitha’s horse unexpectedly escaped while she and her mother, Kim, were horseback riding around a nearby farm.

Kim lost sight of her baby before finding her face down, lifeless, and suffering from bleeding ears.

Tabitha was diagnosed with a cracked skull and a bloated, bleeding brain when she arrived at the hospital.

She was unconscious. Jacob, her husband, and their four boys were appalled.

“That was a terrifying time when you can’t talk to her and she can’t talk to you or, she’s unconscious,” Jacob told CBN.

Dr. Arun Jacob, a neurosurgeon who treated Tabitha, observed that her brain was expanding too quickly.

She would perish if they didn’t remove a piece of her skull. She made it through the procedure, but the doctor issued a warning that she may be physically or psychologically compromised.

“My biggest concern throughout the entire ordeal was that she wouldn’t recognize me or our babies.

I didn’t really worry about her since she was in a wheelchair or anything; all I wanted was for her to know who we were, said Jacob.

In unexpected ways for her physicians, Tabitha looked to be recuperating.

Her ventilator was turned off, and she even started speaking for the first time since the tragedy.

Don’t ever let them do that to me again, she told her husband as she turned to face Kim.

Not only was Tabitha speaking and alert, but she also maintained her sense of humor.

Tabitha was frequently asked by doctors if she recognized her friends and relatives, and she always did.

“I threatened to get out of bed if you guys asked me who someone was one more time. I am aware of everyone.

Tabitha thought back. She was almost fully recovered and ready to return home after nine days.

She was able to walk, ascend stairs, and carry on meaningful discussions.

Dr. Jacob stated, “It’s incredibly satisfying for folks like us to witness stuff like that since it’s not occurring every day.

“She made an amazing recovery, in my opinion.

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