The loving backyard bird that is bossy, active, and has a song to match


The song of the Carolina Wren is renowned for its beauty. Only men are capable of singing, and they may utter up to 3000 notes every day.

The tunes are three-part and last for two seconds. Men sing roughly 50 times before altering the song; females have a distinct tone.

Men utilize it to entice ladies and protect their territory. These couples stay together forever.

Over the winter, Carolina Wrens do not migrate south. Once they locate a place to live, they stay there permanently.

They like to hide in lower, close-to-the-ground locations.

They enjoy eating moths, roaches, larvae, beetle, and other insects.

They have been observed eating reptiles, snakes, and little frog.

To draw Carolina Wrens to your birdfeeders, put mill worms, sunflower seeds, and suet in them.

In the winter, when it is more difficult for them to locate food, it is very crucial to feed them.

In 1997, the age of the oldest known live Carolina Wren was seven years, eight months.

A nest can be finished in a week or so. The eggs, which are cream in color with red-rusty patches, will be laid by the female and range in size from three to seven and will hatch in ten to sixteen days.

In order to provide the babies food, the male and female will alternate.

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