The most astonishing dog performance on AGT you’ll ever see


Falco and Lukas will perform on America’s Got Talent one more.

They were on the show during in the 14th year; Howie felt it was awful, but Simon loved it.

And although they made it to the final round during their 14th season, they didn’t end up winning and although Simon applauded them.

They was using a Top Gun theme for their decorations and the music The Heat Is On for their performance.

They displayed excellent performance in season 14, earning the people’s hearts.

They continued to perform on additional talent shows. This season, they came back to show him just how amazing he is.

This was the tiny leaping berry’s final performance before quitting, so he pulled off all the tricks today.

By the time he was thirteen, he was doing double jump rope tricks, tailback flip off of his stomach, and standing on his feet and hands proving to Howie that even old dogs can learn new tricks.

His action twin brother took over the risky stunts and showed off his skill on the high board walk until capping the performance with a leap over his shoulder.

Once they finished their act and proceeded to the front of the platform, Falco and Joke, their younger bro, sprang out and greeted them.

His claws were on his feet.

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