Horse and elk participate in epic baseball match


The sweetest thing ever was captured on camera by the owner of a baby horse enjoying fun.

The 8-month-old foal was trying to play game with an elk when Tamara hit the play button on her phone.

On the ranch in snow-covered Montana, the foal used to trot next to the fence while elk could be seen on the opposite side.

The brown one dashes back and forth across the gate when pursuing the elk.

The horse attempts to throw the ball over the barrier.

The foal ultimately succeeds after struggling for the first minute and tosses the ball over the fence.

Yet the ball doesn’t seem to be attracting the elk much.

The elk seems a little more aggressive than the colt, who is amusing itself.

It appears to be striving to assert its authority over the colt.

The backdrop of the photograph shows five other elk that are farther away from the colt.

After the colt successfully passes the ball, the two creatures run side by side along the barrier.

One of the biggest animals in the deer family is the elk, and this one appears to be rather hostile.

The colt, though, is a young horse who appears more interested in being the joker in class!

The enthusiastic colt makes some unexpected movements, which puts the elk slightly on edge.

The two creatures exchange intense looks before running smoothly to a stop.

The elk doesn’t appear to have any plans to ever return the ball to the colt!

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