Offended dog left the house and came back with a letter on his head


Scientists claim that while dogs may feel basic emotions like fear, excitement, love, and wrath, they are unable to feel more nuanced emotions like guilt.

As a result of what he had done, Jin Mao the golden retriever was not at all upset.

The fact that the dog’s owner showed outrage about the incident rather than the reality that the dog had consumed the boot of the previous owner irritated the animal.

The irritated retriever crouched down behind the table before seizing the opportunity to flee the property.

The owner was concerned about the dog’s disappearance because it was late in the day. He went in search of him but was unsuccessful.

The search persisted throughout the morning, but to no effect. The owner cherished his dog dearly and was devastated by its death.

He did not have to mourn for very long, though; by midday, Jin Mao had gone back to his house as if nothing had occurred.

The dog certainly did not spend the night wandering the streets because he was tidy, fed properly, and in a lively attitude. Where did he go?

A letter that was attached to the pet’s head included the answer to the owner’s query.

This dog walked into the house of the owner of a small grocery shop on a nearby street in the evening, and before anybody spotted him, he managed to consume some meat pies that were being prepared for sale.

Eight pies later, the dog retired to sleep behind the counter. As the dog was obviously at home, they made the decision to hold onto the dog until the next morning before releasing him with a letter.

In addition to purchasing shoes, the owner of Jin Mao now needed to buy pies.

He resolved not to reprimand the pet anymore after learning a painful lesson from experience, for fear of somehow causing him physical harm.

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