How an 11-year-old boy was able to rescue a 2-year-old girl’s life makes him the hero of our time


Ilmar is a boy in the sixth grade. He was strolling with his friends along the street.

Along the road, where the locals had long been terrified by the high degree of danger, a huge and deep ditch had been dug.

The boy spotted two women standing nearby and throwing stones at it.

When they were called to the house, the oldest left quickly, but the younger did not.

The young child saw that the child had departed and that the youngster’s slippers were the only items left on the ground.

Without hesitation, the guy stepped into the dark water. He managed to raise the child up by grasping her.

Thankfully, everything went smothly, and the girl was taken home.

Ilmar didn’t inform his parents about his actions; instead, they heard about it from their neighbors.

This unfortunate ditch was soon blocked off, making it impossible for anybody else to enter.

He is a very courageous, good, and sociable youngster. Ilmar makes the decision to became a surgeon when he is just 11 years old, having already begun to consider his future career to keep rescuing lives.

Eventually, a plaque and a diploma inscribed “For the saving of man” were given to the hero.

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