The toddler gained Internet fame while refusing to admit to stealing dog food


One should start developing their argumentative skills early on. Liliana, age two, resides with her parents, Sarah and Tim, in Jacksonville, Florida. Girls provide their parents with hours of entertainment.

They recently sent Liliana a humorous video.

The toddler started swiping food from the dog’s dish as they were playing with each other.

When the girl’s parents realized this, they began to question why she was acting in this way.

Liliana asserts that she did not take any food, nonetheless, with confidence.

The girl refuses to acquiesce in any manner and maintains her position, saying, “I did not take any food,” despite being caught “in the act.”

It’s tough not to giggle at the infant because of how persistently she does this.

One can only be in awe of a two-year-old child’s tenacity as he continues to defend himself.

Please take a look; Liliana is certain she is correct. Sure, I didn’t touch it; that’s all there is to it!

In what are you invested? She also walks weird, has humorous arguments with her parents, and makes creative gestures.

The kid will probably become a lawyer or an actress in the future, fans speculate in the comments.

She thus supports her claim that her parents started to suspect her, or perhaps she actually didn’t steal anything.

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