A baby’s life was saved by a nurse. 33 years later, she stepped in to help his kid


Lissa McGowan, a Canadian nurse, has spent many years working in the critical care unit at St. Peter’s University Hospital in New Brunswick.

Lissa has contributed to more than one patient’s survival throughout this time.

She was nursing infant David Caldwell in 1987. He was born six weeks ahead of schedule.

David’s parents were permitted to take him away once the infant had healed for a few months.

The boy’s parents requested Lissa to snap a picture with the infant at the separation. Naturally, she happily agreed.

33 years have gone since then. Already, David had taken his wife to the same birthing facility.

Now, her child was born too soon. for a whole 10 weeks. Yet first neither Caldwell nor McGowan were aware of the other.

When looking through her children’s photo album, Renata, David’s wife, discovered an old picture.

When she presented it to her husband, she identified the nurse as the one who cares for their kid Zane.

Even at first, the man didn’t think it was true. Lissa, however, confirmed Renata’s suspicions when he brought the picture and displayed it to her.

Young parents are less concerned for the infant after that. He did grow into a healthy guy, after all, owing to David McGowan’s efforts.

He, Lissa, and the infant Zane planned to recreate the earlier picture.

Everything with her kid is good, according to Renata. The phrase “grows daily” describes it.

Hence, how could it be otherwise. After all, their family has a real guardian angel who is keeping him safe.

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