Wonderful story of a guy who, after 37 years, with the use of a map of his memories, found his true parents


Lee, a Chinese guy, eventually located his birth mother with the use of a map he had put up after seeking for her for 37 years.

His adoptive family’s surprising admission that he had been abducted and sold to them as a toddler marked the beginning of his narrative.

Lee has always been troubled by thoughts of his past despite growing up in a loving and caring home.

He searched for his true parents in search of clarification.

Lee sketched a map of the region where he thought his original parents could have resided, using little more than his hazy memories as a guide.

He posted this map online in the hopes that someone would be able to identify it and assist him.

His efforts were fruitful since local police and Internet users were able to utilize the map to locate a place that was comparable to the one Lee had described for his mother, as well as a lady who fit the description.

Their suspicions were validated by a DNA test, and Lee was able to finally meet his biological parents.

Lee is now able to go on with the intention of mending connections and fully comprehending the reasons that led to his kidnapping despite the tragic conditions of his youth.

His tenacity and ingenuity serve as a testament to the strength of the human spirit and optimism in the face of hardship.

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