After preventing his younger brother from drowning in a pool, a 4-year-old kid was hailed as a hero


As he saved his sibling from drowning, a little Californian youngster, who is only four years old, rose to fame.

He had the opportunity to ride on a fire engine as a reward for his bravery.

Mason Ochoa, 4, was enjoying time at home in Los Angeles with his parents on a day in the first week of November.

Mason saw his younger brother Nicholas had fallen into the home pool while gazing out the window in the afternoon. Nicholas is one year old.

Mason leapt outdoors without a second’s hesitation to save his brother.

To keep his head above water, Mason acted swiftly, grabbing his brother’s hand.

At the top of his lungs, he screamed for assistance.

In response to the uproar, the mother of the boys sprinted to the pool and plucked Nicholas from the water.

As soon as she noticed that Nicholas was not breathing and had a crimson face, she begged her husband to contact 911.

When the emergency services arrived, they were able to resuscitate Nicholas and keep him from suffocating.

Doctors examined the patient and discovered no significant injuries.

The local rescue crew was pleased by Mason’s boldness and fast thinking.

They brought Mason to the fire station as a token of appreciation, where he had the chance to operate a fire vehicle, activate the water hose, and put on a firefighter’s outfit.

Mason received an honor for his bravery after the tragedy and was honored.

When asked if he would be delighted to have Mason join his staff in 14 years, the fire chief playfully responded in the affirmative.

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