The 14-year-old artist altered not just his own life but also that of his parents


He just turned 14 years old. Yet, this youngster is well-known throughout Britain and has long been referred to as “little Monet” and a contemporary child prodigy.

The man’s amazing talent is what made him renowned, not his attractive eyes.

The youngster is so exceptional that drawing comparisons to Monet is not flattering, but rather suggests the boy may be the great impressionist’s reincarnation.

He once painted a landscape while on one of the family vacations, about ten years ago.

Kieron Williamson began doing paintings before he turned five.

His most popular holiday destination is Cornwall, and the majority of his works feature the landscapes in and around Norfolk, where he has resided all of his life.

The image of a schoolboy around him, skillfully depicted on canvas, surprised many, and he is already well-known for his work in Japan, the USA, and Germany, so it appears that he genuinely pours his passion into his paintings.

Thus a $2.2 million fortune was earned by a pupil at an elementary art school.

His parents serve as directors of his own business, Kieron Williamson Ltd, which receives all of the revenue from the sale of the paintings.

Kieron Williamson is currently one of the richest kids in Britain and unquestionably one of the most well-known young artists.

The young artist’s works are priced from $3,500 for a modest watercolor to $30,000 for a winter scene drawn close to his Norfolk home.

In 2009, Kieron’s initial efforts were released. Eventually, 19 of his works were put up for auction privately and sold for $36,000.

With the money from the sale, Kieron was able to invest in the works of other painters like Lawrence’s English landscape painter Stephen Lowry as well as purchase a new home for himself and his parents.

“Everyone in the art world thinks that his work has substantially improved from the previous year.

His most recent works are just incredible. We don’t push him in any way.

The parents claim that he simply paints when he feels like it.

Adrian Hill, the gallery manager, who was in charge of sales, said: “I’ve watched his talent improve from last year.

He appears to have developed it further. In order to concentrate on his paintings, Kieron has stopped going to school and is studying at home.

Williamson uses pastel, oil, and watercolor paints. Six or seven works typically emerge from his “pen” in a single week.

People wait in line to purchase Kieron Williamson’s artwork, which is not unexpected.

Kieren enjoys playing video games and watching sports, much like any other boy. He also enjoys artistic expression.

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