Grandpa was on the floor and no one came to help him, but 10-year-old Yana wouldn’t just stand and watch


This event took place in the start of February. Yana noticed an elderly man lying in the mud as she was walking down the street.

He was speechless, murmuring something incomprehensible, and he was trapped.

Everybody who saw the man on the street likely assumed he was drunk.

She swiftly made her way back home and started persuading her father to help the man get better.

They traveled to meet Dad after getting Dad’s approval in the end.

As he got closer, he saw that the old man needed medical help.

He then ordered the sufferer to be taken away by an ambulance.

The next day, after finding out that a 76-year-old man had been identified as having a stroke, She and her dad went to the hospital.

After some months, his memory came back, allowing him to recall his loved ones and the little girl who had saved his life.

As soon as the doctors contacted the grandpa’s fam his daughter went to see how he was doing.

Afterwards, she came back to Yana with treats, fruit, and her sincere appreciation.

She hails from a household where everyone pitches in and lends a hand.

Mom noted that she and her girl frequently used the money they donated to purchase meals for the homeless.

Volunteers prepare meals at a small market next to the apartment on Tuesdays and Fridays, then deliver them to the hungry.

She was inspired by the altruistic examples given by both her mom and dad.

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